Digital Days 2021

Let’s welcome endless opportunities

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The SKIDATA virtual event "Digital Days 2021" successfully took place

Watch now the recordings and get an insight into the latest trends of the future of mobility, ePayment and cyber security.

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Let’s welcome endless opportunities

Move to the forefront of innovation and welcome your customers in a convenient and safe parking facility.

Get the latest insights from renowned international experts for trends in security, e-mobility, and digital payment.

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Hear about trending topics – International experts share their insights into important developments

Benefit from experiences -  parking and mobility experts join SKIDATA parking experts in a panel discussion


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8:00 am - 9:15 am

Plenary Session (08:00am – 9:15am CEST)

Florian Schneeberger, SVP Marketing & Technology at SKIDATA, welcomes renowned experts and experienced customers to discuss their visions on digitalization.

Our customers:

  • Schiphol International Airport, Dieme Ketel, The Netherlands
  • La Vaguada shopping center, Jesús Hernández, Spain

will talk about:

  • The Future of Mobility with Carlo van de Weijer, Technical University Eindhoven, AI Systems Institute, The Netherlands
    Car park managers need to be prepared for the rapidly growing expectations of their guests. AI, Connectivity, IoT, and e-cars open new opportunities.
  • ePayment with Colin Ellis, Adyen, The Netherlands
    Digital payment offers high convenience for parkers and opens up new business opportunities.
  • Cybersecurity with Scott Carlson, Kudelski Security, USA
    Digitalization requires high security. Leading security standards applied to SKIDATA systems makes the parking system safe.
Carlo van de Weijer
Technical University Eindhoven, AI Systems Institute
Colin Ellis
Scott Carlson
Kudelski Security
9:30 am - 10:15 am

Forum Session Shopping with live Q&A (9:30am – 10:15am CEST)

Provide ticketless customer convenience for a great parking experience while gaining more insight into customer behavior. Offer personalized shopping deals based on license plate recognition.

SKIDATA experts Angel Dominguez and Thomas Pühringer talk with

Sharon Taylor
Taylord Consulting Group
Jesús Hernández
La Vaguada Shopping Center
10:30 am - 11:15 am

Forum Session Airport with live Q&A (10:30am - 11:15am CEST)

Use connectivity and cloud opportunities to manage all car parks via one central system. Offer added-value services for parking or at-airport stay, like e-charging, reservation or validation. Offer fast & easy payment with the customers’ mobile phone.

SKIDATA experts Willem-Jan Balk and Mark de Vreede talk with

Dieme Ketel
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Dhiredj Sadhoe
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
11:30 am - 12:15 pm

Forum Session City with live Q&A (11:30am – 12:15pm CEST)

Offer maximum parking convenience to your guests: enable them to find the closest parking space, enter without physical barriers and pay per use or pay later via mobile phone.

SKIDATA experts James Toal and Thony Rysjo talk with

Samuel Spaltner
B+B Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Heiermann
B+B Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG
12:30 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Digital Days 2021 begin and end?

We divided the event into two sessions. The Session East is from 8:00am until 12:30pm (CEST). The Session West will take place from 8:00am until 12:30pm (PST).
You can set up a 1:1 meeting with your personal SKIDATA expert immediately afterward.

Why are there two sessions planned for the event?

This is to give participants from all over the world and different time zones the chance to attend the event. These two sessions cover the same agenda. No matter where you are from, we want you to make attendance as convenient for you as possible.

How much will the tickets cost?

Digital Days 2021 tickets are free of charge. You only have to register for the event.

Where will the event take place?

Digital Days 2021 will be virtual (online) only. This means you can participate from the comfort and safety of your home or office. You only have to register on this web page.

How can I join the event?

Registered attendee: Check your inbox. We send you a link to the event a few days ahead of the starting date. Keep in mind that you need your credentials to log in. 
If you have not registered yet: Save your spot now!

What if I do not have time to join the event?

No problem! We will record all sessions for you to watch later. We will email you the recordings after the event. Please remember to register to get them!

What language will the event be in?

All sessions will be in English, but there will be simultaneous translations into French, Italian, Spanish and German.

What if I have to leave the event during the presentation?

No problem! You can re-login to the event or you can watch the recordings later. We will email the recordings to all registered participants after the event.

How can I find out about future webinars or events?

To stay up to date on our upcoming webinars and events please subscribe to our newsletter.

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